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After The Event (ATE) Insurance is a form of litigation insurance built to protect against the risk of an adverse costs order.

Whilst originally designed as a consumer product for those bringing injury claims, ATE insurance has developed into a fully-fledged commercial product and is available to all litigants. This includes those involved in David v Goliath type litigation as well as those with the financial means to litigate, who wish to hedge their risk.

Ignite is a leading provider of ATE insurance which prides itself on prompt turnaround times and commercial decision making. Ignite understands the needs of each individual litigant are different and therefore provides a bespoke offering on each application.

Ignite can provide capacity of up to £4 million for any one piece of litigation on payment terms which can be flexible, providing for a reduced sum to be paid in the event of a settlement before trial.*

*Higher limits available on referral

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Who We Insure

Ignite offers insurance to individuals, businesses, or insolvency practitioners providing that they have a meritorious legal dispute. We typically provide cover for:

We are committed to:

Businesses ranging from SME’s who are looking to balance the legal playing field, up to multinational corporates wishing to minimise their downside risk

Individuals who have a legal dispute which, if not for our suite of products, would be unable to have access to justice

Group/class actions where the court awards permission to individuals to bring similarly placed claims in a single case

Wraps and Portfolios for funders across the world as well as law firms, where we look to insure the entire book rather than an individual risk

Funders where our capital protection policy is specifically designed to protect the funder’s outlay in the event of a loss on a single case

International Arbitrations across the world, provided they are heard in a recognised arbitration centre

Schemes in the form of ATE for low value, high volume portfolio arrangements


What cases are suitable for insurance?

Litigation insurance should be considered in all disputes where there is a financial exposure. It should also be considered in forums such as arbitration and tribunals

What criteria threshold needs to be met to obtain insurance cover?

Prospects needs to be at least 60% and it needs to be clear the opponent will be able to meet any award of damages and/or costs.

Can the litigant recover the cost of the product from an opponent?

Save for a few limited exceptions, this is not possible, and the cost must be borne by the policyholder from the proceeds in the litigation.

How can I go about securing litigation insurance cover?

Legal Representatives and/or your insurance broker should complete a proposal form and submit the same with a case summary and supporting documentation. This should include (where available) Counsels opinion, pleadings, party-party correspondence, and Expert’s reports.

At what point should cover be obtained?

Cases can be considered at any time, although most applications are made either at the outset of the litigation, or prior to proceedings commencing. Applications which have progressed further into the case are less likely to be accepted and may incur higher premiums.

Can cover be backdated?

In some circumstances, we can provide retrospective cover.

Who is the insurer?

Accelerant Insurance Europe SA is an insurance company authorised under code 3193 and regulated by the National Bank of Belgium and the Financial Services and Markets Authority. Company Identification Number: 0758.632.842. Registered office: Bastion Tower, Place du Champ de Mars 5, 1050 Brussels, Belgium. In the UK, Accelerant Insurance Europe SA is deemed authorised by the Prudential Regulation Authority. Subject to regulation by the Financial Conduct Authority and limited regulation by the Prudential Regulation Authority.

What cover limits can you provide?

We can provide up to £4 million of adverse costs cover and £6m of cover in total.

Will you consider providing cover for a portfolio of cases?

Yes. please make an enquiry to discuss further.

If you have a question that hasn’t been answered, please get in contact with us and we will be sure to answer any questions you may have.